Sangha Nights in February and March 2023

The Buddha's Noble Eight Fold Path

Theme for 2023: Pathways to Awakening 

Wednesday Sangha Nights in 2023, 7pm to 9pm. 

The Buddha's Noble 8 fold Path

In February and March we will take a deep look at the Buddha's Noble 8 fold Path, one of the most widely known formulations of the spiritual path found within Buddhism.


All donations received for Sangha Nights in February will go to Oakland based Returning Citizens Association.  More information here.  How to donate.    


February 1 - Introduction to the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path led by Danadasa

February 8 - Perfect Vision led by Danadasa

February 15 - Perfect Emotion led by Claudia

February 22 - Perfect Speech led by Acarasiddhi

March 1 - Perfect Action led by Acarasiddhi & Nanasiri

March 8 - Perfect Livelihood led by Medhahshri

March 15 - Perfect Effort led by Viradhamma

March 22 - The Promise of a Sacred World - Special Guest Nagapriya from Cuernavaca, Mexico, will talk about the topic of his new book

March 29 - Perfect Awareness and Perfect Samadhi led by Karunadevi


We do not currently require registration for our Sangha Night Classes, but please make sure you can agree to our safety requirements listed here if you plan to attend in person.  

For online attendance please join through the link below a few minutes before 7pm.

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Meeting ID: 849 2354 2148. Passcode: Sangha


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