Dharmadhara Meditation Center

Dharmadhara progress

Dharmadhara is our meditation center located in the remote mountains of Lake County Ca.  Our community has been cultivating this space as a refuge of beauty and contemplation for the last nine years. In 2019 Vimalamoksa completed our meditation hall making more events possible, and just before the pandemic hit he completed the additional accommodation (with a lot of help from the Sangha).  It's looking good for whenever we are able to reopen and welcome groups wishing to deepen meditation together.  Meanwhile it is available for members of the Sangha, friends and family, for personal practice.

The generosity of many, many people has helped us get this far, and any future donations will help us to pay off loans and make more improvements, including fireproofing. Thank you!  Donate here.

Dharmadhara Land Acknowledgement 

Videos:       A (very amateur) tour of the new bedrooms          Prasadachita's video 

A Generous Gift

In October 2019 our good friend Karunashanti passed away near Seattle after a long illness, but we are happy to report that he made arrangements to leave a substantial gift to the San Francisco Buddhist Center to support Dharmadhara. 

For those of you who were not familiar with him, Karunashanti was an incredibly kind and generous person who was involved with the Seattle Triratna Center starting in 1994 when he was known as Dan Roberts.  In 2013 he traveled to India as part of a DharmaJiva tour and was inspired by the people working to revive Buddhism there.  After his return he planned to train as an ESL teacher so that he could return to India and work at Triratna’s Nagaloka Center.  Sadly he became ill with cancer and was unable to follow through on that dream, but he committed himself to deepening his Dharma practice and in May 2019 he was ordained by Shantinayaka and Viradhamma at Dharmadhara.  His Order Name means “He whose peace is through compassion.”

Karunashanti was very excited about the development of Dharmadhara as a center for study and meditation, and he wanted give a gift that would support our sangha for years to come.   His bequest will allow us to repay loans that we used to build the addition to the residence and support future improvements to the buildings and grounds, including fireproofing.

All of us feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for Karunashanti’s generosity and care for us.