Green Sangha

The Green Sangha is a group of Core Sangha members who meet monthly to discuss climate action and Buddhism. We host occasional events that are open to the public. Our Mission, Vision, and Values are a work in progress.


  • Within the context of Buddhist values and teachings, we aim to create a space for the San Francisco Buddhist Center sangha to creatively engage with others around climate change and environmental justice.


  • The contribution of Dharmic perspectives and ethical action to the collective response to climate change
  • The cultivation of awareness of the interplay between institutionalized social injustice and climate change
  • The flowering of wisdom and compassion to help create and maintain a healthy, diverse, clean and cool planet.
  • As appropriate, create support for the San Francisco Buddhist Center sangha's move toward maintaining sustainable facilities, and sustainable practices at home and on retreat


Please visit our fund raising page for the Rainforest Foundation to learn about their incredible work and how you can contribute! Rainforests are critical to help stabilize the world’s climate. They provide a home to many plants and animals, maintain the water cycle, protect against flood, drought, and erosion and are a source for medicines and foods.