Mission, Vision and Values

San Francisco Buddhist Center Guiding Principles
Meeting the world

We are here to meet the world’s pressing need for wisdom and compassion by offering Buddhist teachings and practices (the Dharma).

We promote ethical living and social responsibility and endeavor to exemplify the values of diversity and mutual respect. (Ethical Guidelines)

We work to cultivate an inclusive space to collectively integrate awareness of barriers to Dharma practice, to celebrate difference, and to remove obstacles that spring from all injustices of oppression and devaluation.  (Full Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion Mission Statement)

Transforming whole lives

We invite individuals to transform their whole lives by using the Dharma.

Structured training

We teach a structured training path accessible to all levels of experience. Our training balances meditation, ethics, study, ritual and intentional community.

Everything we do is rooted in the teachings of the Buddha, and the example of a fully awake and free human being.

Our particular presentation of Dharma originates from the clarity of our founder Sangharakshita.

Supportive Community

We are a thriving and warm community where learning is supported by sharing experience and friendship.

Tradition & Innovation

The SFBC is part of the international Triratna tradition, which is dedicated to communicating Buddhist teachings relevant to the world today.

We encourage creativity as a means of individual growth and expression of the Dharma in new ways.