Teams and Responsibilities

All teachers at the SFBC are volunteers, and we also depend on volunteers for most of our administrative work, with just one supported staff member. We have a number of different teams who work together to keep the Center running. 

The Council is responsible for overseeing the spiritual and ethical well-being of the Center and its Lake County Property (Dharmadhara).  We are committed to shared leadership and our intention is to enable all community members to participate in and contribute to this work wherever possible. 

The role of the council includes: Financial oversight, setting and balancing the annual budget; deciding what happens at the Center and Dharmadhara; deciding what is taught, and how (with Teaching Kula); effective management; heathy community and ethical guidelines; fundraising; human resources/personnel; hands-on management through the Center Director and CMT. The Council is responsible to the Board.  Current Council Members are: Prasadachitta (Chairperson), Padmatara (Center Director), Dhivajri, Helen and Pete. Prasadachitta took on the role of Chairperson in April 2022, after sharing the role with Padmatara, Dhivajri and Danadasa for 5 years. The Chairperson looks after the Spiritual Wellbeing of the center, along with the Council and Teaching Kula, chairs council meetings, and takes on outreach in the community, along with other tasks. The Center Director manages the Center, shares the responsibilities of, and works closely with, the Chair, Council and Teaching Kula, implements Council and Board decisions, and finds ways for Sangha to participate in its upkeep. This is currently the only financially supported role at the SFBC.

The Sangha Night Team gets things ready for our Wednesday Sangha nights so that people can walk (or zoom) into a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Now that we are doing hybrid classes they also take care of the tech for the  speaker and zoom attendees.  Currently Mokshasi, Chiara, Claudia, and Karla are the main members of the team.  

The Caretakers are responsible for Building Maintenance: caring for the building and making sure things are in good repair. Caretakers are accountable to the Council and work within a budget allocated by the council. Current Caretakers are: Prasadachitta and Abhayamoksha.

The Dharmadhara Team is responsible for Maintenance of Dharmadhara, the property in Lake County, caring for the property and making sure things are in good repair, and occasionally organizing work parties. The team is accountable to the Council and works within a budget allocated by the Council. Current members are: Drew, Prasadachitta, Vimalamoksha.

The Teaching Kula shares responsibility for: planning, evaluating and participating in the Center teaching program; inviting (and liaising with) visiting teachers; mentoring future teachers and supporters; finding useful ways to evaluate the content and effectiveness of teaching at the Center; teacher ethics (with Council); helping order members and mitras link into the program; keeping our teaching aligned with Triratna systems and up-to-date; creating conditions for sharing the dharma; linking with other teams and groups; communicating with the Center Director. The Teaching Kula is accountable to and works closely with the Council.  Current Teaching Kula Members are: PrasadachittaMokshasiShunyamala, Padmatara and Pete.

Mitra Convenors are responsible for working with other order members and the Council and Teaching Kula to ensure that: information about becoming a Mitra is available: all Mitras have a way to connect and be engaged with the Center and the Order; adequate training, study and retreats are offered; Mitra Ceremonies happen; Mitras who would like to join the order have access to adequate training, information and guidance (see Ordination Training). Mitra Convenors are accountable to the Order, working closely with the Teaching Kula and Council. Current Mitra ConvenorShunyamala.

The Board is responsible for Fiduciary and Legal Decisions and is legally accountable for the Center and the activities of its staff and teachers.  Any property, resident or employee changes or agreements require Board approval.  Current Board Members are Viveka, Viradhamma, Karunadevi, Padmatara.

The Local Order Convenor helps to facilitate monthly order meetings, and occasional meetings with people in ordination training and International order convenors. The current order convenor is Karunadakini.

SFBC President - each Triratna Center has a president from outside of the local center to be a friend and advisor to the sangha and make sure it is being managed ethically. Current PresidentSamayasri

Ordination Training Teams are responsible for making sure all Mitras who would like to join the order have access to adequate training, information and guidance. Currently Padmatara is the local contact for the women+ team and Viradhamma convenes the men's team.

Two more teams have formed with the intention of connecting buddhist practice and buddhist action for social justice: the EDJI (Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion) team, and the SFBC Green Sangha

Updated March 2024