Sangha Nights Summer 2024

Wednesdays June to Sep, 7pm to 9pm, in person and online

Sangha (Community) Nights are open to anyone wishing to practice together and connect around Buddhist practices and Dharma teachings.  In person and on zoom. Our theme for 2024 is Waking Up to Imagination.

June 5: Mind and Body, with special guest Tejananda 

On his way to lead our Summer Meditation Retreat, Tejananda has generously offered to lead this Sangha Night for us. 

Distinguishing our mental activities ('mind') from immediate sense experience ('body') is vital to all kinds of meditation. If we can be clear about this, we can become increasingly embodied and no longer try to 'think' ourselves into meditation. 

This is basic to the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana, and also various kinds of 'clear-seeing' (vipashyana) practice, such as contemplating impermanence. 

During the evening, we'll explore mind and body with all three of these meditative approaches.


June 26: Puja for Pride, with Mokshasi

Celebrating Dharma and Diversity


July 24, 31 and Aug 7: Mindfulness as Insight Practice, with special guest Paramabodhi

Full Information here


September 11: Padmasambhava Day Puja


September 18: The Dharma of Dreams, with special guest, Arthabandhu

Arthabandhu will help us explore ways to reconnect with the magic of our dream lives and show how dreams can be part of a rich Dharma life.

More information on this page.