Sangha Night

Sangha Nights in December, 7pm to 9pm

As this year comes to an end and a new one begins we will not be taking our usual winter break from Sangha Night as it feels really important to stay connected.

In December we'll celebrate friendship, intention and simply practicing together

December 2 - Shunyamala and Prasadachitta will host a celebration for Sangha Members who have made a personal commitment to become Mitras in the Triratna Buddhist Community.  

Sangha Nights Nov 4 to 25, 7pm to 9pm

Election Dharma - Nov 4, 11 and 18

“Be like water” - Bruce Lee

Viveka will lead and hold space for resourcing and steadying ourselves with the tools of dharma practice as the country navigates a highly charged and anticipated period immediately following the US 2020 Presidential election date . 

There are many different spaces to do the work of civic engagement. In this particular space, we will attend to cultivating a clear heart mind and the capacity to adaptively meet the moment, holding a vision of a world based in values of compassion and justice.

Sangha Nights Online Oct 7 to 28, 7pm to 9pm

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens (attrib to Jimi Hendrix)

Listening can be a powerful tool for connecting and creating a space for transformation. This month a number of Sangha members will explore what listening means to them, what the Buddha and his followers had to say about it, and what makes it helpful and important for us today. 

Oct 7: Beautiful Listening, with Mokshasi

When you listen beautifully the world starts speaking to you in its own voice.