Sangha Night

Sangha Nights Online - Aug 5 to 26, 7pm to 9pm

Mudras are gestures, usually of the hands and fingers, that express compassion and wisdom in action, pointing us to a deeper understanding of buddhist teachings and helping us to embody them and take them to heart. In this series we'll take 4 Mudras and explore their potential to keep us open-hearted, grounded and connected to our deepest values as we navigate these times:

Aug 5 with Shunyamala - The Varada or Giving Mudra is an open hand, expressing generosity, flowing, letting be, non-grasping, connecting.  

Sangha Nights Online - June 3 to 24

Our theme this year is Simply Practice - connecting with the heart of our practice, in meditation and in action, so that we might sustain ourselves and others and respond with kindness to whatever arises in the days and months ahead.

To mark Buddhist Action Month we are donating all June Sangha Night contributions beyond our regular budget of $200​ to two organizations working with people impacted by COVID-19:

Sangha Nights online - May

Sangha Nights in May: Connecting through Practice

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Sangha (community) nights are open to anyone interested in connecting through an interest in meditation and buddhist practices. Usually there's a meditation followed by a talk and optional discussion groups.  

Sangha Nights Online - April

Please note each online class has a different link to join zoom.  Each week we will send the link to all those registered  by 2pm on the day of the class.  

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April 1: Meeting the Buddha in India, Meeting the Buddha in our Imaginations. With Danadasa.

Sangha Nights in February - Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm

Feb 5 to 26

The moon reflected
In a mind clear
As still water:
Even the waves, breaking,
Are reflecting its light. (Dogen)

Our theme for 2020 is Simply Practice - both a suggestion and a description of how we might approach the events of the year ahead. 

In February we will introduce the theme and explore some simple and deep practices we can return to over and over again, to sustain us and wake us up as we do what we can to care for ourselves and the world we live in.

Come for the whole series or drop in any evening.

Bringing Everything to the Path

Dec 4 and 11: Precepts and Refuges Refresh, with Michaela Hoffman

The Refuges and Precepts are shared by all Buddhists the world over, yet their practice is deeply personal and a way for each of us to reveal the path to the truth in our own lives. As we bring the year to a close, we'll take a look at our practice through the Precepts, and how the Refuges reveal, guide, and shelter us along the way. This two part series will be interactive and fun, as we explore the precepts and refuges and make them our own.  

Celebrating Life, Death and Sangha

This November we will celebrate those we've lost, the preciousness of life, and the Sangha we share. 

Nov 6: Celebrating Life and Death 

Every year on a Sangha Night close to Day of the Dead/ Dia de los muertos we take the opportunity to get together and celebrate the lives of those we have lost in the recent past.  Please bring photographs or souvenirs to place on the shrine to remember your loved ones. All welcome.