Morning Meditations Online

Join us on zoom for a 40 minute meditation

Monday to Saturday, 7:30am to 8:10am

No leading, just bells and the occasional short poem at the beginning or end.

Set up your chair or cushions and click on the zoom link below up to 5 minutes before 7:30am.  

Please mute yourself during the meditation.  You're welcome to hang out afterwards or leave quietly.  

Zoom Link: 

Silent Meditation Day at the SFBC

Silent Meditation Day June 25th, led by Mokshasi

You are invited to join us at the SFBC for a very simple, silent day of meditation practice.  You can join for the whole day or any portion of it - just please be sure to arrive during a break, as we will be unable to let you in otherwise. 

Meditations will be unguided, just bells, and the opportunity to sit together in our lovely shrine room. 

Meditation Class in Person

Meditation Practice Session

Sunday afternoon, December 12, 1pm to 3pm

This class is for anyone who has taken one of our introductory meditation classes - especially those of you who have taken our classes on zoom, as we'd like you to experience the benefits of meditating together in our lovely shrine room.  Zoom has been great, but this is different.

There will be two or more led meditations and time to check in about your practice.  

Triratna Black, Indigenous, People of Color Dharma & Community Monthly Space


An online Space for Thriving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) BAME (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic) Dharma and Community Connection

Monthly on the last Saturday of every month

Usually USA 9.00-11.00am PST | México 11.00am-1.00pm | USA 12.00-2.00pm EST | UK & IE 5.00-7.00pm | Europe 6.00-8.00pm CET | India 21:30-23:30 | Australia EST 02.00-04.00am (next day) | New Zealand 04.00-06.00am