Mokshasi comes from Mexico. Currently she lives with her wife in San Francisco and feels very fortunate to be among people who lead a serious spiritual path. She practices psychotherapy and considers it a privilege to treat people who are trying to understand life and get close to it.

Since she was a child she has felt fortunate and so wanted to give herself and her love to others as much as possible. She started practicing Zen Buddhism in 1979, then came into Triratna in 2001, where she became a Mitra in 2012, and was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2017. Her preceptor, Viveka, chose her name, which means “she who carries the sword of freedom”.

She loves animals, loves to read, loves to meditate. She has spent the better part of her adult life and work bringing together the wisdom of Buddhism and the insights of Western psychology. 

She is the kind of person who travels from grief to laughter without a passport. Right now she finds herself with an unswerving commitment to the path of awakening.

At the SFBC she teaches meditation and buddhism, teaches and helps the team on Sangha Nights, and serves on the Teaching Kula and EDJI team. She hopes to begin classes specifically for members of the Latino/a/x community in the Mission and elsewhere in the city. 

Mokshasi es mexicana. Ahora vive con su esposa en San Francisco y se siente muy afortunada de estar entre personas que llevan una práctica espiritual seria.

Trabaja como psicoterapeuta y considera un privilegio tratar con personas que quieren vivir la vida de cerca. 

Quería saber por qué hay tanto sufrimiento en el mundo. "Me pueden decir qué está pasando con el mundo, por favor?"

Empezó a practicar Budismo Zen en 1979, llegó a la comunidad Triratna en 2001, se hizo Mitra en 2012 y se ordenó en Chintamani en México en 2017.

Ama a los animales, le encanta leer y le fascina meditar. La mayor parte de su vida adulta la ha pasado tratando de combinar la sabiduría Budista con el discernimiento de la psicología occidental. Eso hace en su trabajo diario también. En este momento tiene el inquebrantable compromiso de estar en el camino del despertar.



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