Sangha Nights in September

Encounters on the Path: Demons, Dakinis, and Gurus

Continuing our 2023 theme: Pathways to Awakening, this month we will share stories of some of the archetypal, mythological, beautiful and scary beings we are likely to encounter on the path, and see what they have to teach us about staying present and waking up.

Sep 6:   Embracing our demons (and allies): the Buddha's journey, with Padmatara

Sep 13:  Milarepa's story, with Viradhamma

Sep 20:  Meeting the Dakinis, with Karunadakini

Sep: 27: Padmasambhava Day Celebration, with Mokshasi

For in person attendance please make sure you can agree to our safety requirements listed here. (No need to register.)

Sangha Night Donations

We suggest $10 to $5 for Sangha Nights. If you'd prefer to pay monthly, ask about our dana program.  

All our teachers are volunteers and any donations we receive go towards keeping our center running so that we can continue to provide a space for practice. 

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