Mindfulness for Life: Meditation and Qigong

New 4 week Introductory Course

Four Tuesday evenings, April 30 to May 21, 7pm to 9pm, with Padmatara


This course brings the wisdom of the body to the practice of mindfulness. Practicing sitting and walking meditation along with the gentle movements of Qigong calms the nervous system so that our daily life begins to flow with more mindfulness, kindness and ease. 


The forms of sitting and walking meditation we will practice come from the buddhist tradition, including the Mindfulness of Breathing, Metta Bhavana (Cultivation of Loving Kindness), Natural Mindfulness, Somatic energy awareness. Each practice encourages our natural ability to be present and brings us into a more relaxed relationship with ourselves and other beings. 


The forms of moving meditation we’ll learn come from Qigong (chee-gong), a healing practice dating back to ancient China. Qi is usually translated as vital life force or energy or vibration, and gong is cultivation or exchange. Qigong keeps our energy flowing, prevents stagnation, and with gentle, consistent attention to sensations, it awakens inner healing and softens the boundaries between the internal and external worlds.


These forms support each other beautifully and with regular practice they can have a profoundly healing effect on our lives, allowing our natural confidence to flow freely.


Each week we will learn simple forms that we can practice together and take home with us. 


Suitable for complete beginners to meditation and qigong as well as anyone wishing to refresh their practice. The forms we will practice can be adapted to most physical limitations - for example they can be done standing, sitting or even to some extent lying down. No need to bring anything with you, but you may want to wear loose fitting clothes so you'll be comfortable sitting and moving. 


Since this class is in person we have safety requirements - please check them here


Please register by Monday 5pm April 29

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All our teachers are volunteers and our class fees and donations all go towards keeping our center running so that we can continue to provide a space to practice. 

Thank you!  

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Monday, April 29, 2024