Sangha Nights in November

Celebrating Sangha

We reverence the Sangha, and aspire to follow it:
The fellowship of those who tread the Way.
As, one by one, we make our own commitment,
An ever-widening circle, the Sangha grows.  
(From the 3 fold puja)
November is Sangha Month, a time to reflect on our own commitment to the path while appreciating both the Sangha of awakened beings and the Sangha we create each Wednesday night. Following on from last month's topic of Spiritual Friendship we'll explore the role of Sangha as we deepen our practice and experience the joys and difficulties of our paths. 
Nov 1 - A celebration of Día de los muertos - Day of the Dead, and an opportunity to remember together the loved ones we have lost. With Mokshasi and Danadasa
Nov 8 - New commitments: welcoming back a newly ordained sangha member and celebrating new commitments, with Shunyamala, Danadasa and Padmatara
Nov 15 - Sangha Members reflecting on their experience of Sangha (ing)
Nov 22 - No Class
Nov 29 - Sangha Day Celebration
Prasadachitta will share some thoughts on the contribution each of us makes in creating a supportive sangha, and we will especially celebrate two of our long-time Sangha members as they step back from some of their responsibilities: Karunadevi and Danadasa.
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