Sangha Nights in February and March 2024

Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm, online and in person

Knowing Imagination as Imagination

During February and March Prasadachitta will explore the Buddha's teachings on cultivating a clear mind. Our focus will be on understanding cognition as emphasized in the instruction to Bahiya: "In the seen, there is only the seen, in the heard there is only the heard, in the sensed, there is only the sensed, in the cognized, there is only the cognized".  Cognition, in its broadest sense, involves the mental processes of acquiring and comprehending knowledge.

Four Approaches to Knowing as It Is:


Feb 7 Releasing Fixation:

Anchoring attention to the current moment we will cultivate a heightened sense  of clarity and objectivity.


Feb 14 Present-Moment Awareness:

We will observe how our experience manifests within our body, feelings and sense of space, simply attending to their aesthetic quality. 


March 6: Non-Judgmental Observation:

We will observe how our experience comes into being within our body feelings and sense of space simply attending to their aesthetic quality 


March 13: Inquiry into the Present Moment:

We will engage in mindful inquiry questioning the nature of cognitive experiences. Asking: What is truly present in this moment? How are my thoughts influencing this experience?

March 27: Imagined, Conditioned, Completely Realized (Parikalpita, Paratantra, Parinispanna)

During the remaining weeks of February and March, various Sangha members and Special guests will continue the Imagination theme:


Feb 21 Parinirvana Day Celebration

With Shunyamala and Abhayamoksha


Feb 28 Special Event - Guest Speaker

Todd, a Mitra from NYC, will talk about his experience visiting the Roma community of Buddhists in Hungary.

March 20: Imagining Bodhicitta 

Bodhicitta means awakening heart, or will to enlightenment. Tonight we will practice a puja or devotional practice that is one way to open to the bodhicitta in our lives.  With Mokshasi and Padmatara


Sangha Nights are open to everybody. Our theme for 2024 is Waking up to Imagination.


Donations, Attendance, Registration

Donations: We appreciate any donations and suggest a weekly donation of $10 to $5 for Sangha Nights, or you might consider joining our dana program and donating monthly. You can pay through PayPal (, Venmo (@SFBuddhistcenter), Zelle, check, or cash at the door.

For in person attendance: please make sure you can agree to our safety requirements listed here

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