Sangha Night

Sangha Night Drop in Class

Every Wednesday, 7pm to 9pm (doors open at 6:45pm)
Our Wednesday Sangha Nights are dedicated to supporting anyone wishing to experience and share the benefits of Buddhist practice. We are committed to strengthening the connection between personal practice and positive action in the world around us, and providing a welcoming and safe place for all those who want to participate. You are welcome here.

Most evenings are informal and interactive. Introductions are followed by meditation and after the tea break there's usually a talk, workshop or discussion. No particular experience is required, though if you have not meditated before we recommend first attending one of our introductory classes.  Suggested donation: $10–$5, or whatever you can afford. If you'd like a brief orientation please arrive before 7pm. 

Sangha Night Classes

Bringing everything to the Path, Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm
Starts on Wed, Feb 6, 2019
Repeats every week every Wednesday 4 times.

Our Wednesday Sangha Night Program resumes Feb 6 2019, introducing a new theme for the year - Bringing Everything to the Path.  

Wouldn't it be great if we could look at everything that happens in our world, including, or perhaps especially, the annoying or difficult things, as tools to help to wake up?  

This year we'll explore this question in many different ways. 

Feb 6: Treasure your Resistances!  With Kulanandi, visiting from Europe

Are we aware of gross and subtle resistances in ourselves? How do we react?  How can we explore them and mine the gold in them?  Kulanandi has been teaching and practcing for many years and it's a rare treat to have her here - see her bio below. 

Feb 13: Everything, with Prasadachitta

Prasadachitta will go further into the theme of “Bringing everything onto to the path” by looking into what this “everything” is. 

In one passage the Buddha is recorded as saying: “The Universe, the Origination of the Universe, The end of the Universe, and the Path leading to the end of the Universe, all lie within this fathom-long body.” To bring everything onto the path and realize the flowering of truth in all experience is to be intimate with our physicality both in its gross and subtle manifestations.  Even our thoughts are like the touch of cloth or the background hum of the city. They pass through the space of our body like a murmuration of starlings twisting and turning in unexpected ways.  All of our pursuits, our foibles, our successes, and our inspirations happen in and through this soft and bony body. 

Feb 20: with Danadasa

Feb 27: The Path of Heart, with Hridayashri

See also our February Day Retreat on the same topic - Feb 16.

From Kulanandi: I was ordained by Bhante in 1988 at Taraloka, where I was one of the founding members.  I moved to Essen, Germany, in 1990 with three other Dharmacarinis to set up women's activities there. Through friendships formed in Taraloka, I also had a strong connection with Sweden and since 1994, I have been visiting Sweden at least twice a year.  In 2004 I started doing Dharma work in Indian for 6 months every year.  This developed into project management and consultant work for Karuna Trust.  In 2004 I became a private Preceptor and in 2018 a public preceptor.  I stopped my 'official' Karuna Trust work in 2017 but still continue to visit India regularly.  I am involved in the ordination training in Germany and live in a small women's community there.

Wise Aging, Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm
Starts on Wed, Mar 6, 2019
Repeats every week every Wednesday 4 times.

Whatever our physical age we're all changing all of the time - some things seem to get harder, some easier. How we respond each moment influences the next. 

This month Karunadevi, along with Nanasiri, Danamaya and Acarasiddhi, will continue to explore this year's theme "Bringing Everything to the Path", looking at wise ways to work with the wonders and challenges of aging for ourselves and others. 

March 6: Change and Continuity, with Karunadevi

March 13: Being Friends with Unpredictability, with Nanasiri

March 20: Walking the Path in Beauty: How to Sustain the Long Haul, with Danamaya

March 27: A Few More Tools to Carry on the Path,  with Acarasiddhi

Plus a Day Retreat on the same theme March 30.