Sangha Nights in April and May 2024

Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm, in person and online

Sangha (Community) Nights are open to anyone wishing to connect around Buddhist practices and Dharma teachings.  In person and on zoom


Waking up to the Imagination

In April and May we have a stellar lineup of speakers ready to delve into the theme of imagination from a diverse array of perspectives. We hope you can join us!


April 3: A Living Earth, with SFBC Green Sangha

“I would go so far as to say that a universe conceived of as dead cannot be a universe in which one stands any chance of attaining Enlightenment.”  Sangharakshita; “Living with Awareness.” 
This evening will be a ramble around the concept of animism, using our imagination in both experiential and more intellectual ways of knowing.  We will explore how this and other ways of imagining and seeing the world impact how we relate to it and the implications for our practice.


April 10 and 17: "Playing with the Mind", with Pete

April 10
Imagination, memory and making stories  
Sangharakshita said that "Buddhism begins with the mind" and on this sangha night we will look at these three amazing functions of our mind. 
Is memory a form of imagination?  Is imagination a form of memory? Do the stories we tell about ourselves free us or confine us?

"It's just as when a dog is tied by a leash to a post or stake:  if it walks, it walks right around that post or stake; if it stands, it stands right next to that post or stake; if it sits, it sits right next to that post or stake; if it lies down, it lies down right next to that post or stake."  (Gaddula Sutta)

April 17
Imagining and re-imagining the Buddha  
Since the buddha is our example, how we imagine the buddha is an important part of our spiritual path.

"Followers of the buddha's way!   Why do you so earnestly seek the truth in distant places?  Look for delusion and truth in the bottom of your own hearts" (ryokan)

"To seek is to suffer.  To seek nothing is bliss" (Bodhidharmma)


April 24 and May 1: Imagining a Body with the Capacity for Love, with Viveka 

Drawing on the inspiration of poetry, music, meditation and some movement we will explore felt sensations of aliveness and care and nourish our capacity to embody love.


May 8: Dhammarati (tbc)


May 15: Celebrating Wesak, or Buddha Day, with Mokshasi

A short talk and Puja


May 22: Prasadachitta (tbc)


May 29: Vimalamoksha - Imagining Equanimity



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