Sangha Nights Fall/Winter 2024

Wednesdays Oct to Dec, 7pm to 9pm, in person and online

Sangha (Community) Nights are open to anyone wishing to practice together and connect around Buddhist practices and 
Dharma teachings. 
In person and on zoom.   
All Welcome. 
Each evening begins with meditation, followed by a talk or other activity.  
Our theme for 2024 is Waking Up to Imagination.   (More information about Sangha Nights.) 


October: Imagination and the Written (and Spoken) Word

October 2: Waking up to the Imagination through writing, with Acarasiddhi
October 9: The Unreliable Narrator, with Prajnakavi


October 16 and 23: Word-4-Word Dharma - 2 Week Series, with Danamaya

Most Dharma study consists of talks, readings and discussions to learn the concepts. Completely valuable, but not the only way to understand the Dharma. The Buddha’s teachings were first given and, for several centuries after the Buddha’s passing, as an oral tradition. There was great wisdom in this approach. Everyone loves a good story! We’ll be hearing the Dharma in story form. 

Week One: Angulimala’s name means Garland of Fingers and he was one bad dude who robbed and killed travelers. He also cut off a finger of his victim to add to his grisly necklace. Yet meeting the Buddha changed his life and he eventually gained Insight. Come find out what happened to the Karma he generated in his life.

Week Two: Conversations with the Gods or There’s No Place Like Home: a story within a story—The Buddha tells Kevala about a monk who has burning questions: Where do the 4 Elements (earth, water, fire and wind cease without a remainder? In other words, where does is the cycle of rebirth broken? When do things stop being transformed from one for to another? So the monk goes traveling…

October 30:  Day of the Dead celebration, with Mokshasi

November: Sangha and the Collective Imagination

November 6 - Post Election Sangha get together
November 13 - Sangha Day Celebration
November 20 - Holiday (no class)
November 27 - with Viradhamma

Celebrating 30 years in the Triratna Buddhist Order


December: Turning Inwards

December 4 - with Viradhamma

Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity

December 11
December 18: End of year celebration and imaginings


Closed for Winter Retreat 21 to 28

Class resumes January 8 2025
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