Sangha Nights in June on Zoom

Weaving Meaningful Communication into our Life and Work

Wednesday evenings, June 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30, 7pm to 8:30pm

In June we will continue our 2021 theme of Healing Communication with a series of talks and interviews with members of the Sangha, looking at the ways they are weaving meaningful communication into their lives and their work. 

With Pete, Mokshasi, Nanasiri, Viradhamma, Alexi, Michaela and possibly more.

In this series we will "start just where we are", which includes appreciating what each of us is already doing to bring about positive change for ourselves and others in this complex world, and how this can lay a skillful foundation for actions we take. We will hear from members of the Sangha who are being parents for the first time; from people working with underserved communities here and in India; and from psychoanalysts, social workers and people who have learned to listen.

We hope you'll come and join the conversation with your own reflections on weaving together what you do and what you value.

June 2: Pete will introduce the series (recording on youtube)

June 9: Healing Communication:  Pete, Mokshasi and Nanasiri will discuss the interplay of practice and work in therapy and social work. (recording on youtube)

June 16: Viradhamma and Manidhamma were ordained together in India many years ago, and lucky for us the time difference just about works for them both to come to Sangha Night together. (recording on youtube)

Manidhamma is a senior Indian Order member who is active the Buddhist Movement to spread the Dharma and reform the Indian social system.  He is a Trustee of Nagaloka, an important training center and college for Buddhist youth from the Dalit community, and he regularly leads tours to the Buddhist holy sites.  Manidhamma will talk about Triratna’s social work, the challenge of caste discrimination and the impact of Covid in India.

June 23: Recent parents Alexi and Michaela will share their experience of communicating and practicing with brand new humans. (recording on youtube.)

June 30: Trusting Emergence

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