Sangha Nights in February on zoom

7pm to 9pm PST, Wednesdays Feb 3 to 24

Healing Communication on the Path (for the benefit of all beings)

This year our guiding theme is Healing Communication, and in February, March and April the Buddha’s Noble Eight Fold path will be our framework. 

We’ll explore each of the 8 areas of practice – 

View/Understanding, Intention/Resolve, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort, Awareness, Meditation 

–  to discover the wisdom each of these can contribute to, and receive from, wise communication that heals and liberates all beings (including ourselves). 


Feb 3: Introduction to the theme: Healing Communication for the benefit of all beings, with Karunadevi. Here's the recording.

Feb 10: Wise View, Right Understanding, Perfect Vision - Prasadachitta will explore holding a space for our views, and what happens when we communicate them. Recording

Feb 17: Expressing Wise Intention, Right Resolve, Perfect Emotion, with Danadasa. Recording.

Feb 24: Healing Speech and the Buddha's last words, with Padmatara Here's the recording

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