Sangha Nights in April and May 2022

Wednesdays 7pm, online and in person


Wednesdays in April and May, 7pm to 8:30pm. Pre-registration required for online and in person (see in person safety requirements):  Register below

Continuing our theme of "Deepening Practice," during April and May we will focus on meditation. This will be an opportunity to investigate and celebrate the importance, the power, the effectiveness, the beauty and the mystery of meditation.

The Buddhist path is traditionally seen as having three parts:  ethics, meditation and wisdom.  What is the role of meditation?  What happens, exactly, when we meditate?  Is meditation necessary? What sort of change, transformation and opening does meditation make possible?

We will be contemplating and discussing these questions and also considering them by, yes, meditating.

These Sangha Nights will primarily be a chance for each of us to clarify and answer these questions for ourselves: What is my relationship with meditation?  Why do I meditate?  What happens, for me, when I meditate?

April 6 - A Kalyana Mitra (Beautiful Friendship) ceremony for MJ, with Karunadevi and Nanasiri, will take place during this evening in a separate shrine room, supported by a Loving Kindness

Meditation. In keeping with the evening's theme of spiritual friendship, Pete will introduce the meditation series with a look at meditation as a way to cultivate a friendship with ourselves.

See also April 9, Saturday meditation morning with Paramananda

April 13 - The SFBC Green Sangha puja and benefit for Ukraine and all beings experiencing the suffering of war. Full information here

April 20 - Dhammarati, visiting from the UK, will lead the evening

April 27 - The dynamics of activity and receptivity in meditation and in life, with Danadasa

May 4 -  Untangling the knot of self. Noticing and stepping outside the usual thought patterns that fabricate, reinforce and harden our sense of "self."  Led by Pete.

May 11 - The dynamics of calming meditation practices (samatha) and insight meditation practices (vipassana), with Danadasa 

May 18 - Online only -  Two Sangha members - Chiara and Juan Felipe - will share reflections on their meditation practice:         

Why do you meditate? How has meditation shaped your experience?  With time for discussion and questions.

May 25 - Online only - Why Meditate (when the world is is messed up), with Rodashruti

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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