Rainy Season Retreat for Order Members and Mitras

at the SFBC, January 2023



Beginning Wednesday January 4

The Rainy Season Retreat is an opportunity for the SFBC Core Sangha of order members and mitras to spend more time practicing together. The tradition goes back to the time of the Buddha when he and his followers gathered together to practice while the rains made it difficult to travel and teach.

Our theme for 2023 is Pathways to Awakening and in January we'll begin our exploration with a series on the Anapanasati Sutta, the Buddha's meditation instructions, directing us to discover the nature of reality through gentle attention to our experience. (See Sangha Nights for more.)


Wednesday Sangha Nights 7pm to 9pm (hybrid), beginning Jan 4, with Shunyamala, Mokshasi and Prasadachitta 

(Sangha Nights are open to everyone; other events are open to Order Members and Mitras only.

Thursday Anapanasati practice - this group is now closed.

Tuesday Anapanasati practice and check in (meditation dialogue) in person at the SFBC, beginning Jan 9, with Prasadachitta and Padmatara

Sign up here for Tuesday group

Saturday - various events - see below

Fridays and Saturdays - pujas, practice, hikes etc - let us know what you would like and if there's something you would like to organize. 

Extra Activities so far - all in person at the SFBC

Friday Jan 6: Puja at 7pm in person, with Brad and Ilaria

Saturday Jan 7: Order Members meet 10am to 12 noon.

Friday Jan 13, 7pm: Letting go of Legacy Burdens, with Karunadakini

Saturday Jan 14, 10am to 12: Prostration Practice and Meditation for Mitras who have asked for ordination, and Order Members.  In person with Padmatara or on zoom with Karunadevi.  Zoom is the same as for Sangha Nights

Saturday Jan 14, 1pm at SFBC or 1:30pm at Lands End Lookout Center for a hike with Shunyamala and Danadasa. (Contact them for more info if needed.) 

Friday Jan 20, 7pm: Puja with Danamaya

It could be said that all of the Buddha’s teachings encourage us in developing our practice of the Good. The subject matter of the Flower Ornament Sutra (Avatamsaka) is all about this. On any page you open up this large sutra, there is joy and encouragement and praise for how the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and all who practice bring the Dharma to all beings for the benefit of every being in the many worlds, past, present and future. It’s said that if you take one step towards the Buddhas, they take a hundred towards you. We’ll have readings and poetry and a little meditation, too. Come spend a little time in the warm glow of Sangha as we chant the puja together, taken from this grand sutra, for the benefit of all beings.

Sunday Jan 22, 2pm to 5pm: Triratna Earth Sangha Viewing Party

Friday Jan 27, 7pm: Puja in Spanish, with Mokshasi

Practice your Spanish, total beginners welcome!  Enjoy our very familiar puja in this beautiful language.  Printed copies will be available, but here it is online.

More information coming in gradually.


Please consider making an extra donation for the rainy season - the suggestion is $50 to $100 for the month, based on $10 to $5 per class, but whatever you can offer is very much appreciated.

PayPal is good, or a check to San Francisco Buddhist Center - Triratna, or cash. Thank you!


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