Winter Meditation Immersion Retreat, December 21 to 28

Connecting with the heart (and soul) of our practice

Our annual winter meditation retreat is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from our usual distractions and enjoy the many benefits of living and meditating together in a simple, supportive and mostly silent space.

This year our focus will be on connecting with the heart, trusting experience, and staying connected and curious about whatever arises. 


Retreat for Preceptors of all genders

This retreat is for all preceptors in the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Cost: $45/night sliding scale for whole retreat: $135 - $200. If you pay more than the lowest fee, you are providing dana for those who need it. If you need to request please indicate this on your registration - we hope to collect enough dana to cover this.

Accommodations: We encourage you to camp if you are able.  We have some tents and camping gear you may borrow.  Indoor sleeping is limited and there are no private rooms. 


Women's Ordination Training Retreat

This retreat is for women in ordination training with the Triratna Buddhist Community. 

Dates: April 13 - 23.  Register as soon as you can to assure a place on the retreat, and to help with organization. Registration will close March 28 or earlier if the retreat fills up.

Theme:   The Bodhisattva Path.  We will be exploring the meaning of Bodhicitta and the Altruistic Dimension of going for refuge  through study, talks, meditation, and devotional practices.


Summer Meditation Immersion Retreat with Tejananda

Register by Wednesday May 15 with a $200 deposit. Register early to be sure of a place. Open to anyone with a meditation practice.

Our annual summer meditation retreat is a wonderful opportunity to see what happens when we take a break from our normal conditions and stories and let ourselves be open to fresh possibilities. This year will be the first Summer Retreat in our beautiful new shrine room at Dharmadhara in Lake County.

Our meditation retreats are mostly silent except for teachings, meditation reviews and some mindful communication.


Beginner's Mind Weekend Meditation Retreat - open to all

This annual retreat aims to provide a space to reconnect with beginner's mind - our natural capacity to see through expectations and prejudice and respond to our inner and outer worlds with gentle curiosity and wisdom. People with many years of experience as well as actual beginners are invited to give your practice a refreshing boost, surrounded by the quiet, natural beauty of the Santa Cruz mountains. Meditating together and supporting each other, away from our usual schedule, gives us the chance to go deeper and refresh our perspective on life.


Summer Meditation Retreat

This retreat is now full - but please contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list.

The Kariniya Metta Sutta is a key teaching in the Pali canon. It describes the unfolding process of a 'deep and mature emotional awareness', that begins with simple kindness towards ourselves and others, and points the way towards freedom.

On this retreat, through study and practice of the Kariniya Metta Sutta, and the Anapanasati practice, we'll be looking at how we integrate our growing understanding into 'a deep and mature emotional awareness'?


Winter Meditation Retreat

Register by Dec 10 - see below.

Our annual winter meditation retreat is a priceless opportunity to spend a week away from our normal conditions, in silence, supporting each other to go deeper with meditation, and being supported by the natural beauty of Nature.

Silence: the retreat will be mostly silent except for teachings, meditation reviews and some mindful communication. It's a rare chance to take a break from making conversation and to see what happens when we let ourselves be.