Summer Silent Meditation Retreat 2024 with Tejananda

There is an aliveness and awakeness that we can recognize at any moment. It’s an openness to our full being - in body, senses and awareness. It points to what we really are, outside of conceptual fabrications. In recognising and opening to a spacious yet embodied presence, here and now, we may discover a timeless awareness-emptiness that is inseparable from loving, compassionate energy.

Winter Silent Meditation Retreat

Openness, Clarity and Kindness

A silent meditation retreat led by Prasadachitta and Padmatara

Thus a person who by having taken refuge
  has become the site for spiritual growth
Will cultivate their mind
  for the welfare of those who are alive
By letting the flower of compassion
  blossom in the soil of love
And tending it with the pure water of equanimity
  in the cool shade of joyfulness.

Online International Urban Retreat June 1 to 5

Using the medicine of the Four Reminders, we open to a new Reality

1-5 June 2023

Led by members of the Triratna Earth Sangha, including Shantigarbha, Amaragita, Sarvajit, and Buddhasevaka.

Join the Urban Retreat—online or in-person!

We’re really looking forward to this retreat and exploring how the Dharma can support us in relation to the Climate and Ecological Crises. As Buddhists we have something unique to offer the world in this area.

Men's Training for Ordination Retreat at Dharmadhara

This retreat is part of Triratna Ordination Training for men who wish to take ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

The theme is the Transcendental Principle, using Chapter 1 of the Survey of Buddhism by Sangharakshita.

The Retreat will start on Friday evening, March 24 th and end on Sunday morning April 2nd.
As usual we will try to accommodate people arriving on Thursday October 10 th and we will arrange for rides to Dharmadhara on Friday.

Information on rides, overnight accommodation and other practical matters will be provided after registration.

Silent Meditation Day - in person



With Mokshasi

You are invited once again to join us at the SFBC for a very simple, silent day of meditation practice.  You can join for the whole day or any portion of it - just please be sure to arrive during a break, as we will be unable to let you in otherwise. Please pre-register so we have an idea of numbers. 

Meditations will be unguided, just bells, and the opportunity to sit together in our lovely shrine room.