Online Buddhism Introductory Course

Sep 14 to Oct 5, 4 Thursday Evenings, 7pm to 8:30pm on zoom

Buddhism is a vision of human existence. It is also a practical guide that we can apply to every aspect of our lives.  Meditation and buddhist principles, practiced together, bring us closer to our direct experience, dissolving our misperceptions to reveal the boundless potential and precious opportunity of life. 

Central to Buddhist practice is a deep desire to understand suffering and the means to end suffering; to discover the "magic of the ordinary";  and to live in harmony with ourselves and those around us.

This introductory course aims to bring us closer to the principles of buddhist practice and experience its liberating potential. 

What you will learn:

  • Introduction: what buddhist traditions have in common
  • The relevance of the historical Buddha for us today
  • The Buddha's teachings
    • The Four Noble Truths: suffering, cause of suffering, cease of suffering, Noble Eightfold Path
    • Three marks of human existence.
    • Buddhist meditation - why meditation is important in Buddhism, and how Buddhist principles help us go deeper with meditation.
    • Working with the transformation of difficult emotions and perceptions.

There will also be time to discuss topics that arise during the course.

The course is informal, interactive, and friendly, and is open to anyone interested in Buddhism for its own sake, or as a means to support and deepen meditation practice. 

Please register by Wednesday 5pm Sep 13 and we will send you the zoom link.

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All our teachers are volunteers and our class fees and donations all go towards keeping our center running so that we can continue to provide a space to practice. 

Thank you!  

This course is a series of 4 courses you can take in any order. We have not yet scheduled more online courses, but you can find out more from our in person course descriptions:

Mindfulness of Breathing Sep 5 to 26

Meditating with Kindness Oct 3 to 24

Mindfulness in Everyday Life Oct 31 to Nov 21

Buddhism Introductory Course Nov 28 to Dec 19 (same as this course)

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023
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This event is no longer open for bookings