Drop in Introduction to Meditation Class - in person

Thursdays 7pm to 8pm

Every Thursday except: May 25, Nov 23 and other holidays.

Join us Thursday evenings, 7pm to 8pm, for an informal class introducing one of our meditation practices and sitting together.  

Vaccinations are required, and masks are optional for this class. Please check our main safety requirements here. 

Our two main introductory practices:

Mindfulness of the breathing body, (or just Mindfulness of Breathing), is a beautifully simple and deeply transformative practice, where we use the sensations of breathing to ground our awareness in the body, so that we can open to the events of everyday life with more spaciousness, clarity and sensitivity. 

The metta bhavana, or cultivation of loving kindness, is a powerful meditation practice that teaches us how to bring a friendly, kind, curious attention to ourselves and to other people, and to whatever arises in our experience, softening harsh self-criticism and judgment and bringing a sense of ease and openness to our participation in the world. 

Please arrive a few minutes before 7pm.

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