Day Retreat: Body - Dharma

with Advayamati

Developed by Advayamati ‘body dharma’ workshops are based on shiatsu, loving- kindness and mindfulness. They support the integration of body, mind and spirit, leading us to a deeper experience of inter-connectedness. 

Advayamati has taught buddhism and meditation at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre (UK) for 14 years and been practicing shiatsu for 30. 

The workshops involve a combination of bodywork, chi chung, ‘do in’ (simple self shiatsu), and yoga stretching with mindfulness meditation that helps us take our practice deeper and bring more of our whole experience into  our meditation, helping to balance the flow of energy. There is some paired work.

Please wear loose clothing.


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Please consider offering Dana (generosity) to Advayamati as he is traveling from Tacoma to lead this workshop, and like all of our teachers, he is volunteering his time. Thank you!