Day Retreat

Day Retreat: The Wisdom of the Breathing Body

The anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) sutta is a much-loved teaching from the Buddha that quietly and beautifully guides us towards real tranquility and wisdom through awareness of the breathing body.  

On this day retreat we will explore experientially the key themes from the sutta - body, feelings, mind and wisdom - to enhance our experience and practice of both mindfulness and metta (kindness).

The day will include meditation, reflection, body work and communication. 


Day Retreat: The Root of Conflict and the Cultivation of Peace

In the Honeyball Sutta (a teaching of the Buddha), the Buddha describes the conditions that give rise to conflict. And with a clear understanding of these conditions, we can also see a pathway leading to the dissolving of conflict and the arising of peace. Please join us to explore this ancient wisdom and how to apply it to our modern lives.

See also our April Sangha Night Series: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World.


Day Retreat: Change and Continuity

The only thing that will not change is change itself.

It is through change that we grow, heal, learn, engage, suffer, age, and die. We experience pain and disappointment as well as joy and gratitude.

Through the acceptance of change we can transform our habits, our hindrances, negative mental states and emotions, and see through our delusions; we can tread the creative path toward liberation.


Day Retreat: Bringing Everything to the Path

How would it be if we could look at everything that happens in our world, including, or perhaps especially, the annoying or difficult things, as tools to help to wake up?  In February we'll explore this question in many different ways as we kick off our 2019 theme - Bringing Everything to the Path - with this Day Retreat and a new Sangha Night Series

Buddhist Ethics - it's not about being good.


Meditation Morning

Join us for a simple morning of meditation - sit, walk, sit.

No instruction - just perhaps a couple of poems or relevant teachings - but there will be an opportunity for anyone interested to hang out and talk about meditation afterwards.

Open to anyone with a meditation practice. 


Day Retreat: Words on the Page

Our theme for October is Creative practice.  During this daylong workshop Acarasiddhi will share ways to connect with our natural creativity through writing.  

The workshop will be positive, friendly, encouraging and productive, with helpful and inspiring writing exercises to get us started, and reflections on the link between words and practice. 

No writing or any other experience required. Bring your curiosity and your favorite writing tools (although pens and paper will also be available if you need them).


Day Retreat: Dharma Doorways in the World of Art

The way I see it, meditators and artists are often on a similar mission. The mission to get close to reality. The mission to have an experience that is, somehow, ‘truer’. 

We’ll take the essential Buddhist teaching of the vimoksa mukhas, this teaching points to the idea that we can find doorways to freedom in our own minds, and we'll ask if art can open these doorways? 

Whether you make art or simply value it in your life, if you want to make new connections between meditation and art this day retreat is for you. 


Day Retreat: I'll Meet You There - Mindfulness and Non-Violent Communication

I'll Meet You There

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." Rumi.

Based on his new book and drawing on many years of training in meditation, buddhism, non-violent communication (NVC)and mediation, Shantigarbha will lead through meditations, guided reflections, stories from the life of the Buddha, and practical exercises to help us develop our empathic listening skills. 


Day Retreat: Body - Dharma

Developed by Advayamati ‘body dharma’ workshops are based on shiatsu, loving- kindness and mindfulness. They support the integration of body, mind and spirit, leading us to a deeper experience of inter-connectedness. 

Advayamati has taught buddhism and meditation at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre (UK) for 14 years and been practicing shiatsu for 30.