The Dharma of Dreams

Explore the magic of the dream world on this special Wednesday Sangha Night, 7pm to 9pm

Arthabandhu has generously offered to lead this evening while visiting from the UK. Drawing from 20 years of exploring the dream world and the benefits it can offer he will guide us in reconnecting with the magic of our dream lives and show how dreams can be part of a rich Dharma life.

Mindfulness of the Buddha

This Day Retreat will be led by special guest Paramabodhi, visiting from the UK. 

Inspired by the Satipatthana Sutta and the direct teachings of the Buddha, Paramabodhi will emphasize the use of our imagination to engage fully with this beautiful sutta and deepen our mindfulness practice. 

The Satipatthana is one of the most influential meditation texts in Buddhism, and can support us to live with more embodied awareness, contentment and insight.


SFBC Core Sangha Retreat

A Vision for our Community

This Retreat is an opportunity for Order Members and Mitras from the SFBC Sangha to practice together, deepen our friendships, have fun, and hear from our SFBC President, Samayashri, as we imagine how we would like our Sangha, City Center, and Retreat Center to evolve over the next few years.


The Heart's Depths, with Tejananda

Saturday February 5, 10am to 12 noon

Tejananda invites us to explore the qualities of love and compassion in their depths through meditation, discovering what is readily available to us when we are grounded in our senses and able to "look" at our experience in particular ways. 

The morning will include Tonglen compassion meditation.

Rewatch the Buddha Day Celebrations

Remembering a beautifully long day involving Triratna communities from New Zealand to the West Coast of the USA. You can relive the story of the day on this page.

The day was offered on a dana (donation) basis with all funds offered to our sangha members in India, who face great hardship as the coronavirus crisis disproportionately impacts their lives. The goal is to raise £150,000 – and at time of writing we have nearly £45,000 donated – many thanks!

Meditation Morning

A spacious, mostly silent morning of meditation – walking, sitting, and lying down. Open to anyone with some meditation experience. 

We’ll also have an opportunity at the end for those who wish to share what we’ve learned and ask questions.