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Special Events

Aug 7 to Sep 25 online (International)
Sun, Aug 7, 2022

Summer Reading Circles

Would you like to read a transformational book written by a Buddhist author about race over the summer? Would you consider doing this as a community, within a supportive online ‘Reading Circle’ with other Triratna sangha members?

The next reading circle is August 7 to September 25.  8 weeks, 90 minutes meeting on zoom at 12 noon Pacific time. The book is: Black Buddhists and the Black Radical Tradition

The first Reading Circle began in June and has received extremely good reviews from participants. The book was: The Race Conversation by Eugene Ellis.  Subhuti describes the book as ‘a ground-breaking and timely study’. Paramabandhu recently interviewed Eugene at the London Buddhist Centre.

Reading Circles are open to experienced members of the Triratna Buddhist Community (order members, mitras and friends) of all races and ethnicities. Each session will be held mostly in the format of racial affinity groups. These are intentional small groups for BIPOC/BAME and white/white-presenting people.

More information here, including how to register and get a 30% discount code for the book:


This initiative is a collaboration of the (white) Awareness is Revolutionary Collective and members of the BIPOC/BAME community of Triratna.


Online - Aug 13 10 to noon Pacific time
Sat, Aug 13, 2022

We are very fortunate to be hosting this meditation morning with Vidyamala, from her home in the UK.

The focus for the morning will be the breath. Vidyamala will lead an exploration into the physiology of breathing and introduce methods that calm and balance the nervous system, build resilience and strength, and enhance our meditation practice.

This workshop is for you if: you are working with stress or pain; you want support to go deeper with your meditation; or you just want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to practice with Vidyamala.

No previous experience necessary.

Please register below for the zoom link.

Vidyamala Burch OBE is a mindfulness and compassion teacher, and award-winning author. Based on her own experience of working with severe pain from a young age, she developed the world’s first Mindfulness-based Pain & Illness Management (MBPM) program and went on to co-found the mindfulness organization Breathworks.

You can find out more about her on her website

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Online course beginning in September
Thu, Sep 1, 2022

What does Buddhism have to say about the climate and ecological emergency?

Shantigarba will be teaching an online course based on his book beginning September 1.  The course explores how we can wake up and respond to the climate emergency.  You can find more information and register for the course here: https://thebuddhistcentre.com/stories/toolkit/live/.

Here's a review of the book by Rodashruti and Claudia, (SFBC Green Sangha Members, among other things).

This book is a Dharma-based guide for engaging with the climate emergency.  It addresses issues such as ecological grief, transforming anger, and environmental ethics, and includes many personal stories and examples. The title references the parable of the burning house from the White Lotus Sutra. Although the metaphor of children so distracted by toys that they can’t attend to the fact that their house is on fire has its limits as a metaphor here, there are many ways “in” to the book's offerings. It is best engaged with rather than simply read, either through group study or by creating time and space for personal reflection. Each chapter includes prompts for reflection, and led meditations are available online. A wonderful framework for bringing a Buddhist lens to a set of complicated and stressful problems and questions.

Buy the book from your local Bookseller, or here.  We also have a couple of copies at the SFBC - email us if you'd like us to put one aside for you. 

This is an international event offered by the Triratna European Chairs Association.

Celebrating the change
Wed, Sep 7, 2022

Sangha Night September 7, 7pm to 8:30pm - marking the change of Chairperson at the SFBC

Please join us for an evening to mark the change of SFBC chairs, from 4 or us (Danadasa, Dhivajri, Padmatara, Prasadachitta) to one - Prasadachitta. Viveka will host the evening.

All Sangha Members welcome - email for zoom link (same as other Sangha Nights).

Back in January 2017 Viveka handed on the responsibility of Chair of the SFBC to the members of the Council.  This shared responsibility for the wellbeing of the center has been a wonderful opportunity and has, I think, deepened our understanding of what is needed. Over the past months we have begun to feel the time is right to support a single chair to take on some of these responsibilities. In April we met to discuss this.  

To cut a longish story short: we're very happy to announce that with the wholehearted support of the Council, Prasadachitta agreed to take on the role of sole Chair, effective May 1, 2022. 

I’m deeply grateful to have shared this role for the last 5 years with Danadasa, Dhivajri and Prasadachitta, and I’m equally grateful that we are making this change now. It feels very natural, and timely, as we begin to open up a bit after years of pandemic. 

We will continue to work together as the Council, along with Helen and Pete, and I’ll still be Center Director, and yet it will be different, in positive and perhaps unforeseen ways. It's exciting.  

Prasadachitta is very much looking forward to talking with the sangha about ways we might all participate and flourish. He happily invites you to contact him with any questions or concerns. 

With Metta

Padmatara, on behalf of the  Council