Triratna Earth Sangha Benefit

Accepting donations through Feb 15 - thank you!

This event is now over but we are continuing to collect donations through Feb 15 - thank you!

Donate through the SFBC  or through Karuna-USA.
Fear, Grief and Faith:
A Buddhist approach to the climate and ecological crises

A Benefit for Karuna-USA
Come and join the SFBC Green Sangha at the SFBC
Sunday, January 22, 2pm – 5pm, in person
- to watch and discuss highlights from the Triratna Earth Sangha conference at the end of last year.

The climate crisis is a difficult and often scary topic to engage with.  Even so, we can move beyond both the darkness of doomism and a superficially cheerful denial by transcending our habitual responses, such as fear and hope. We can learn about the application of our Buddhist practice to help manage our reaction and develop ways to cope.

This event is a benefit for Karuna USA ( in support of a flood mitigation project in India through Pragya (  The goal of this project is to help people recognize flood danger, train women to grow crops that will thrive in flood prone areas, and teach children about climate change.

Please give what you can!   You can donate through Karuna-USA's website, or through the SFBC when you register. (We will collect donations through February 15, 2023, and forward them at the end of February.)

Register below.  Even if you are not able to come to this event, please consider donating. Here is the direct link:

The four talks we selected enter the topic from different, thought provoking vantage points, each offering different ways to be emotionally, ethically and dharmically resourced.

The listed times are approximate.  We'll break around 3:30pm to allow participants to either join or leave the session.

2pm – 3:30pm

Brief Meditation, welcome and overview of the afternoon

1)      Climate Change Impacts in India and the work of the Karuna Trust

A vivid description of Karuna Trust’s work in India around floor preparation, training women to successfully grow crops in flood-prone areas, and teaching children about responding to climate change.

This session frames our donation appeal with reports on the situation in India and more detail regarding the work we are seeking to support 

2)      Collective Grieving Processes – Nico Carey

A compelling, fresh perspective on our relationship with grief.

3:30pm – 5 pm

3)   Bringing the Dharma to Deep Adaptation: relinquishment, restoration and resilience as practice – Akasharaja

A brief presentation and the opportunity to discuss our ideas regarding relinquishment, restoration and resilience

4)   Active Hope and the Triratna System of Practice – What are we really trying to do here – Smritiratna

A broader dharmic view of the climate crisis and our relationship to it.

Closing Ritual

Safety: masks are optional for this event but we ask that you take a home-test the day of attendance and follow our other regular requirements. Thank you for keeping everyone safe!

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Sunday, January 22, 2023
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