The Earth is Our Witness - online retreat

Loving Self and World Through the Climate Crisis

International Online retreat 18–22 April, 2022

Led by members of the Triratna Earth Sangha, including Parami, Tejopala, Shantigarbha, Santacitta, Akasharaja, Akuppa, and Sarvajit. Others to be confirmed. 

(For those of us on the West Coast Session one will be 1am, but session 2 is 7:30am and session 3 is 11:30am. Go to the Eventbrite registration page for more information.)

We’ll be connecting, meditating, studying, and creating ritual space together, online and at Buddhist Centres.

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What is this retreat about?

  • Supporting you to be inspired and positive about your personal Dharma practice in relation to action around the environment.
  • A space to unite all Buddhist practitioners who also want to care for the earth, with the Dharma as our shared basis.

  • Looking at our emotions and thought processes around the environment—and how to transform them when they feel difficult. Dharma eco-activism should never promote unskilful mental states!

  • Encouraging connection in small groups where we can explore our environmental actions in relation to Dharma practice and our mental states.
    Broaden our sense of positive concern for the earth. It’s not just about climate! All life counts in an ecological approach to the Dharma.

What can I expect?

Five consecutive days in April 2022, finishing on 22 April, which is Earth Day.
We will offer three online sessions a day: morning, afternoon and evening.
Follow-up and practice review session for participants in June as part of Buddhist Action Month (BAM).
Attend at home or at your local centre, where participating.
Dedicated web spaces for the retreat—get free resources and share your own inspiration with others taking part!

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