Sangha Nights in May 2023

The Way of Practice



Wednesday Sangha Nights in 2023, 7pm to 9pm. 

This month we begin with a "Buddha Day" Festival on May 3. Danadasa will lead the evening.

Buddhist Festivals usually occur on or near the Full Moon, as this is said to be an especially good time for the Bodhicitta to awaken in collective practice. 

From May 10 through 31 we will consider ways to create conditions for awakening through our practice of ethics, meditation and wisdom, including integration, positive emotion, spiritual death and rebirth or insight, and receptivity. 

May 10: Viradhamma, introduction and Integration

May 17: Shunyamala, Positive Emotion

May 24: Karunadevi, Spiritual Death

May 31: Mokshasi, Spiritual Rebirth and Puja

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