Sangha Nights in January 2024

Waking up to Imagination


Our theme for 2024 is Waking up to Imagination.

Imagination can bring us closer to awakening, or distract and keep us trapped in conditional views and beliefs. How do we tell the difference? This year we will look at teachings through the ages, from the Pali Canon to the modern day, that help us distinguish between imagination that opens the heart and mind and imagination that perpetuates delusion.

Our January Rainy Season Retreat, is an opportunity to simplify, dating back to the Buddha's day. Each Wednesday from Jan 10 to 24 we'll gather and read a Sutta from the Pali Canon together, reflecting and imagining how it would be to really apply these teachings to our lives today.  We'll end each evening with meditation and/or chanting. 

January 10: Mokshasi will introduce the theme of Imagination, and we'll read Pingiya's Praises of the Way to Beyond

January 17: The Sallasutta, or Sutta of the Dart (aka the Second Dart or Arrow), with Shunyamala

January 24: The Bāhiya Sutta, (In the seen only the seen... ) with Padmatara

Sangha Nights are open to everybody. During the Rainy Season we also have discussion groups and other events for Order Members and Mitras. (Information here.)


January 31: Imagining Peace in Gaza, Israel and beyond - how to have courage in turning towards inner and outer wars. A meditation and talks from sangha members Zue, Jon R and rodashruti.

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