Day Retreat: Change and Continuity

10am to 4pm, with Karunadevi

The only thing that will not change is change itself.

It is through change that we grow, heal, learn, engage, suffer, age, and die. We experience pain and disappointment as well as joy and gratitude.

Through the acceptance of change we can transform our habits, our hindrances, negative mental states and emotions, and see through our delusions; we can tread the creative path toward liberation.

On this day retreat we will use meditation, reflection, journal writing, and discussion to explore our views and experiences of change and share ways we can respond creatively and recognize the continuity in the midst of change.

Lunch will be provided.

These monthly day retreats are a great opportunity to experience the benefits of retreat without leaving the city. Each month, through meditation, reflection and discussion, we will explore a different aspect of practice and see for ourselves how it relates to living well today. They are open to anyone interested in the topics, and no particular experience is required, though if you haven't meditated before you might consider taking on of our introductory classes.

See also our Sangha Night Series: The Wisdom of Change

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