Ordinations in Mexico, Oct 23, 2023

These three lovely women were ordained in Mexico last week.

From the SFBC Sangha: MJ Moore is now Prajñākavī (Prajnakavi), which means Poet of Wisdom. For those interested in the correct pronunciation see below*.

(We’ll have the chance to welcome Prajñākavī back at Sangha Night Nov 8.)

From the Seattle/Portland Sangha (originally the SFBC): Kelly Cowger is now Ākāśanāthā (Akashanatha), which means One who has open space as a protector.

From the Aryaloka Sangha and Karuna USA: Maryellen Burke becomes Dayāpradīpā (Dayapradipa), meaning "She who is a lamp of compassion”.

The Private Ordinations happened at Chintamani Retreat Center, with private preceptors Padmatara, Aryadrishti and Viriyalila and the Public Ordinations took place on Oct 23 during the Pan American Convention, near Cuernavaca, with public preceptors Karunadevi (performing her last public ordinations before she retires) and Amala (performing her first public ordination).

Sadhu to all!

Pronunciation of Prajñākavī (Prajnakavi)*

Each a has the short vowel sound as in “cut”
The jñ is as in “canyon”
The ā is as in “father”
The ī is long as in “police”
Emphasis is on the second syllable