'New' SFBC Chairperson

Back in January 2017 Viveka handed on the responsibility of Chair of the SFBC to the members of the Council.  A lot has happened since then and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish along with you all.  

This shared responsibility for the wellbeing of the center has been a wonderful opportunity and has, I think, deepened our understanding of what is needed. Over the past months we have begun to feel the time is right to support a single chair to take on some of these responsibilities. In April we met to discuss this.  

To cut a longish story short: I’m very happy to announce that with the wholehearted support of the Council, Prasadachitta has agreed to take on the role of sole Chair.  

I’m deeply grateful to have shared this role for the last 5 years with Danadasa, Dhivajri and Prasadachitta, and I’m equally grateful that we are making this change now. It feels very natural, and timely, as we begin to open up a bit after years of pandemic. 

We will continue to work together as the Council, along with Helen and Pete, and I’ll still be Center Director, and yet it will be different, in positive and perhaps unforeseen ways. It's exciting.  

There will be a ceremony and a big celebration at Sangha Night on September 7, but this change is effective now.  So - Saddhu!  

Prasadachitta is very much looking forward to talking with the sangha about ways we might all participate and flourish. He happily invites you to contact him with any questions or concerns. 

With Metta

Padmatara, on behalf of the  Council