Summer Silent Meditation Immersion Retreat, with Viveka and Padmatara

Aug 15 to 28

Sunday, August 15, 2021 - 5:30pm

Two Week Meditation Immersion Retreat at Dharmadhara in Lake County

Led by Viveka and Padmatara

Sunday August 15 to Sat Aug 28, with option to attend first week only (Sun 15 to Sat 21)

I'm happy to announce that after a long wait we feel relatively confident about rescheduling this retreat (from last year).  Please read the information carefully before registering.

There's room for about 24 people, and priority will be given to our local sangha of order members and mitras, and those who registered last year. It looks as if everyone in the local area will have the opportunity to be vaccinated by then, so that will be a requirement for attending. Of course we will stay up to date with recommended safety precautions and changes over the next months and if requirements change we will let you know. If you have questions or concerns about this please email Padmatara.

Experience: we do our very best to provide supportive conditions, but this silent retreat is most suited to people with a sound meditation and dharma practice, previous experience of working well with themselves and others in silence on longer retreats (a week or more), and a willingness to stay present and investigate whatever arises in their experience.  If you are not sure or need more information please email Padmatara.

Silence is a very important element of the retreat, freeing us to look more deeply into who we are without the external self-narrative, and allowing us to get closer to our unadorned experience.  We encourage everyone to come prepared to put aside their phones and the desire to socialize and go into complete silence after a couple of days, really taking the opportunity to simply be where we are.  (We hope to have a retreat with more of a socilaizing/connecting aspect later in the year.)

Food will be vegan with some eggs and dairy options.  We will all share food preparation and cleaning.  

The cost will be $1100 to $800 for the 2 weeks, $600 to $450 for 1 week.  Dana is traditionally offered separately for the retreat leaders, organizers, and cook.

If you are not able to pay within the suggested range, or if you have any special needs, please email us before registering and we will do our best to work things out with you. 

Registration - please read: 

A deposit of $200 is required to reserve your place.  Please choose one of the options below from the "select amount" drop-down menu (deposit, 2 weeks, 7 days). When you get to the checkout you will have the choice to pay now through paypal/credit card, or pay later.  Click "pay later": if you do not wish to pay the amounts shown (for example retreat leaders, cooks); if you already paid last year; if you wish to pay by check; if you wish to pay later. Checks are payable to San Francisco Buddhist Center - Triratna.

Please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointmet, as we're expecting this retreat to fill up. 

Booking Deadline Date: 
Saturday, July 17, 2021

Payment Info

Sliding Scale Payments: If you can please pay the maximum amount to help those who need a lower rate. If you wish to pay a lower amount please select the minimum amount and then in the shopping cart please add a donation to top up the amount you wish to pay.

Deposit: You can also make a deposit to book and then pay the remainder later.

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