Meeting Space and Meditation Hall to Rent

The SFBC space is available to rent, mainly on weekdays, for events compatible with Buddhist ethical guidelines, which are grounded in the principle of non-harm. Past uses have included yoga, qigong, meetings, weddings, performance, rehearsals, dance, memorial services, bodywork, seminars, and theater.

About the Space

  • Located at 37 Bartlett St. near 21st and Valencia in the Mission district.
  • The meditation hall (920 sq. ft.) has two skylights, wood floors and brick and white walls. It is a beautiful and peaceful room.
  • Maximum seating capacity for 60 or more people in folding chairs with ample room in front.
  • In the meeting/reception room (1150 sq. ft.) there is a lounge area with couches and folding chairs
  • Hot water urns, microwave, sink, small refrigerator, and two restrooms.
  • About 20 chairs onsite, so large groups will need to rent additional chairs.

Rates and Availability

The basic rate for 8 hours Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm is $150, plus a $50 cleanup fee if your group is unable to clean up after itself.  Small non-profit groups may apply for a lower rate.

We are occasionally available on Saturdays, 9am to 5pm (basic rate $250), and Sunday afternoons or evenings, ($150).  Weekday evenings are usually booked, though there are occasional openings in the Summer months. 

Rental fees go toward the cost of operating this nonprofit public center.

Please email for latest information and rates.