Trip to Angel Island

Sunday Jan 14

For Core Sangha Only (Order Members and Mitras) as part of the Rainy Season Retreat.

Join rodashruti and Kitty for the day on Angel Island. We will visit the museum, meditate, and reflect on the experience of the millions of people who were detained there as they tried to emigrate to the US.  

Logistics rom Kitty:

Meet between 10am and 10:10 at the Ferry Bldg. The Ferry leaves From Gate C at 10:15am.

Bring your lunch! 

We can plan on taking the last boat off the island at 335pm.


Adult $15.50 one way

Clipper Adult $9.25 one way

Youth $8 one way

Senior/disabled $8 one way

I thought we could have a nice quiet/meditative walk from the ferry on the island to the Immigration Center.  After visiting the Center we can share what we are present to and aware of from our visit, then meditate together.  From there it would be lunchtime and time to explore the rest of the island.

The island is quite hilly and there is no place open to buy lunch.


Please register if you plan to go and we will send you more information about meeting time and location.

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