Sangha Nights Online Oct 7 to 28, 7pm to 9pm


Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens (attrib to Jimi Hendrix)

Listening can be a powerful tool for connecting and creating a space for transformation. This month a number of Sangha members will explore what listening means to them, what the Buddha and his followers had to say about it, and what makes it helpful and important for us today. 

Oct 7: Beautiful Listening, with Mokshasi

When you listen beautifully the world starts speaking to you in its own voice.

Oct 14: Listening to the wisdom of Dr. Ambedkar

Celebrating the anniversary of the mass conversion of thousands of Indians to Buddhism as part of his work towards social, intellectual, economic, political and spiritual freedom for Dalit people of India. With Viradhamma.

Oct 21: Listening through Writing (and reading)

In tribute to Litquake, since we're not participating officially this year, a number of Sangha Members will share their own original poems and prose on the topic of Listening. 6 writers, 5 to 8 minutes each.

Oct 28: Listening to the heart - an evening to remember and celebrate loved ones who have died over the last year, as we approach Day of the Dead.

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