Rainy Season Core Sangha Walk: Glen Park to Forest Hills

Sunday January 7, meeting at 10am

For Core Sangha Only (Order Members and Mitras) as part of the Rainy Season Retreat.

Organized by Anthony - here's what he says:

Let's go for a walk -- 

Sunday January 7.  Gather at Glen Park BART Plaza 10:00 am.  We'll walk 3 miles through Glen Park Greenway, Glen Canyon Park, and the Laguna Honda Trail to Forest Hills Muni.  This is a really beautiful walk, it's hard to believe you're in the city.  Wear sturdy shoes, bring rain gear, water, and lunch to eat near the end of the walk.  We'll decide how much we want to walk in silence vs. in amiable conversation.  


Heavy rain cancels.  Back up date Sunday January 14.  

Please register if you plan to go and we'll send you Anthony's info in case of last minute questions.  

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This event is no longer open for bookings