New Fall Edition of EDJI Blog

Embracing Liberation for All Beings

Out now - New EDJI Blog Fall Edition

From SFBC Equity Diversity Justice Inclusion (EDJI) Group and friends,

with contributions from rodashruti, danadasa, helen, dayamudra and more:

  • EDJI Welcome- Dayamudra
  • Social Endosmosis - Dayamudra
  • Teaching Dharma: Arabs & Islam - rodashruti
  • An Archaeology of Silence: An East Asian Perspective - Danadasa
  • Indigenous People's Day - helen
  • SFBC Land Acknowledgment - Prasadachitta
  • Honoring Day of the Dead - helen
  • (w) AIR Course starting in January 2024
  • Karuna USA Green Film Festival News

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