Meditation Course: Mindfulness of Breathing

Introductory level, four Tuesdays, 7pm to 9pm

Starts on Tuesday 24th Nov 2020
Repeats every week every Tuesday 4 times.

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in old habits despite all your best intentions? Would you like to find ways to respond more creatively to the difficulties, and the joys, in life? 

One of the many benefits of meditation is learning to pause and give ourselves the opportunity to respond from a place of wisdom and kindness.  As we become more mindful and aware we can begin to free ourselves from some of our old ruts and allow new possibilities to emerge. Our relationship with ourselves and others, and the world around us becomes easier, more appreciative and attentive.

Mindfulness of the Breathing Body, (or just Mindfulness of Breathing), is a beautifully simple and deeply transformative practice. We use the sensations of breathing to ground our awareness in the body, so that we are able to meet the stresses of everyday life with more kindness, clarity and stability. 

Through regular practice in class and at home we can begin to create a more intimate inner connection, and become more mindful of the beauty, the habits, and the wonder available in each day.

This is a friendly, practical, easy to follow four-week course held Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm. Ideally you will be able to attend at least 3 of the 4 classes. There will be led meditations each evening with plenty of time for questions and sharing our discoveries in a safe and welcoming space. The course book also contains helpful information and instruction. 

Suitable for complete beginners to meditation as well as anyone wishing to refresh their practice.

This course is one of four courses in our Meditation, Buddhism and Mindfulness series running twice a year. 

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