Exploring Community through Sharing Life Stories

4 Mondays, Aug 13 – Sept 3, 7 – 9 pm

Many people feel isolated and lonely and long for a sense of belonging. Sharing life stories is a powerful way to step more fully into community. This 4 week gathering is an opportunity to be seen and heard with kindness, and to see and hear others with kindness.

The value of sharing life stories

  • Working directly with the experience of isolation and separateness from others
  • Cultivating empathy, connection and community
  • Experiencing solidarity, kinship, shared humanity
  • Getting to know the habitual mental and emotional patterns of our lives
  • Remembering experiences of being wholeheartedly engaged, alive, inspired, at ease
  • Remembering experiences of being stuck, confused, fearful, anxious, frustrated
  • Noticing our relationship to privacy by noticing what we choose to not share
  • Developing the skills of honesty, acceptance, authenticity

This offering is appropriate for anyone who has an established and alive relationship with this community and would like to deepen this connection. All stories will be treated as confidential.

Suggested donation is $100, and please contact us to request a reduced rate.

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