Buddhist Action Month June 2022

Resources and Suggestions

In our June Sangha Night Series the SFBC is focusing on Buddhist Action for Peace.
Following each talk we offer quotes, links to websites and suggestions or questions/suggestions for the week. 
Week 5 - June 29


To create inclusive communities, we have to start being honest about where we’re at and what we’re struggling with. A lot of white practitioners want something to do that isn’t that. Because that’s the hardest—and also the most critical—thing to do for those conversations with one another to happen. 

         – Lama Rod Owens


Social and Political Activism is not for every Buddhist, but white Buddhists raising their own awareness of our race and privilege is critical in creating a more diverse and inclusive sangha. For our white sangha members - where are you on the journey towards self-awareness? Have you read any books on white privilege or fragility? Have you taken any “race challenges” online? Have you broached the race conversation at all, with anyone? What’s your next step, or what’s your first?


Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.

                     – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Regarding this conversation about diversity and inclusivity, what am I not seeing?


Additional information:

Summer Reading Circles on Race

Definitions of Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion (from Colorado State University)


Week 4 - June 22

Interconnectedness and counteracting climate destruction.
If we continue abusing the earth this way, there is no doubt that our
civilization will be destroyed. This turnaround takes enlightenment, awakening. The
Buddha attained individual awakening. Now we need a collective enlightenment to
stop this course of destruction. Civilization is going to end if we continue to drown in
the competition for power, fame, sex, and profit. – Thich Nhat Hanh
Questions/Suggestions for reflection for the week:
Beings are numberless/ the bodhisattva vows to save them all. We can’t fix Samsara BUT we are also dedicated to relieving suffering—AND we must also care for ourselves so we can continue to work in the ways we feel are most vital and helpful. So that’s a creative tension. As Buddhists this is part of our practice.
The juicy question is:  how do you work with this creative tension—especially around climate justice?
What kind of relationship, if any, do you see between your Buddhist practice and engagement in social and/or environmental justice issues?
Consider taking on a green precept for the month of July, such as using less plastic, using more sustainable ways of transportation, or divesting from fossil fuels.

Week 3 - June 15
Motivations, vocations, and right livelihood
"We can...think of Right Livelihood or Perfect Livelihood in the sense of vocation. This sort of livelihood is the best of all,
....we may define a vocation as a livelihood which is directly related to what one considers to be of ultimate importance in one's life.
This of course will be different for different people." (Sangharakshita)
Learn about whose land you are on and practice opening up space with reverence and respect through land acknowledgement https://nativegov.org/news/a-guide-to-indigenous-land-acknowledgment/
Watch the movie 'Gatheron Netflix to learn more about food sovereignty
Sangharakshita, talk on The Ideal Society: Right Livelihood 1968

Week 2 - June 8
Metta in Action
The thought manifests as the word
The word manifests as the deed
The deed develops into habit
And habit hardens into character.
So watch the thought and it’s ways with care,
And let it spring from love 
Born out of concern for all beings.
   ~ The Buddha
What world or personal issue moves your heart to action?
What are some new practices are you might add to your daily life that will create more metta in your community?

Week 1 - June 1
Choosing Peace - how awareness of views can lead to more peace internally and in the world.
A monk once asked the ancient Chinese Zen master Yunmen, “What is the teaching of the whole lifetime of Buddha?”
Yunmen replied, “An appropriate response.”
Buddhist Action: Compassion and Connection in Times of Crisis.  https://www.nbo.org.uk/buddhist-action-month-2/
What action could you take (this week) to create conditions for more awareness of limiting and harmful views?
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