Vajra Bell: Fall 2018 issue | Generosity

The Fall 2018 issue of the Vajra Bell magazine is here!

This issue covers the topic of generosity and includes a piece by local Order member Acarasiddhi. You can read the complete publication on Issuu.

In this issue:

  • Practicing Generosity Until It’s as Natural as Breathing by Ratnaghosha
  • Dana: The First Step of the Spiritual Life by Acarasiddhi
  • Is Money a Placeholder for Love in our Lives by Amalavajra
  • Books: The Buddha on Wall Street and Yasodhara 
  • Wild Awake: Alone, Offline & Awake in Nature
  • Sangha Connections: An Interview with Amritamati by Shraddhavani
  • I Have a Thinking Problem by Saddhavasini