For the Earth, From the Sangha: Poetry Readings and Other Voices

This podcast is a companion recording to the series of podcasts produced for Earth Week 2020: Hair On Fire - Buddhist Responses Turning Toward Climate Change

Listen to the program by clicking here or visit Produced by Mary Salome.

  1. Eva Soncin introduced Vimalasara.
  2. Vimalasara read “I am Africa” from her recently published book of poems, I Am Still Your Negro: An Homage to James Baldwin, published by University of Alberta Press. It’s available at your favorite online book sellers, and on order from local independent bookstores.
  3. Paul Greenberg read excerpts from his book Our Rocky Road, available on Amazon Kindle. More of his writing can be found at, and
  4. Shunyamala spoke about her relationship with the earth as a practitioner and architect.
  5. Ethan Davidson read his poem ‘The Butterflies Inside Us.’
  6. Moksasi read a piece she wrote for this program on grief and Buddhism.
  7. Mary Salome read the ‘Amitabha Climate Change Puja’, which includes revised excerpts from multiple sources: Dhiramati’s Collected Pujas; the anthology A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency, edited by John Stanley, David R. Loy, and Gyurme Dorje; and One Earth Sangha’s dedication of merit.
  8. Dan O’Brien read the closing statement.