End of Year at SFBC

As we approach the end of 2022 we want to thank everyone who has taken part in the courses, classes and retreats we have held over last two years. We have very much appreciated your presence and your generosity while we all navigated the changes brought by the pandemic. 

We are fortunate that so many people are willing to share their kindness, wisdom and time to make the dharma available to more and more people who might benefit, regardless of income. 

We are also fortunate that we have received enough income and in-kind donations to maintain our building and retreat center and even begin some improvements. 

Everything we receive helps us to plan what we can offer in the future, and if you are able and would like to make an end of year donation, well: that would be awesome! We accept PayPal as well as other methods

And we are very aware that money is tight for many of us, and there are perhaps more urgent priorities right now. We wish you the best conditions for taking care of your needs. 

Looking ahead to 2023, may all of us, and all beings, have the resources and support we need to be as well as we can be.