Emergency support for pandemic relief in India

India is experiencing a catastrophic surge of the Covid pandemic, and millions of people have been infected.  Hundreds of thousands are dying. The disaster is having a terrible impact on the Triratna Community, and every day we get news of Order Members, Mitras and Friends who have died.   Triratna volunteers are helping in their communities, and the Nagaloka training center in Nagpur has been closed and converted to a temporary hospital for people from the Buddhist community.   

Donations to help with medicine, oxygen, food and hospital fees are urgently needed.  The Abhayaratna Trust (www.abhayaratnatrust.org) provides support for Order Members in need, and the Karuna Trust (www.karuna.org/coronavirus-crisis) is running a wide variety of relief programs all over India.  Anything you can give will be put to use immediately.