Bodhicitta: The Heart of Buddhism, new talks by Vessantara

Vessantara led a retreat at Adhisthana exploring the Positive Emotion aspect of the Mandala of Spiritual Practice, taking it into the territory of bodhicitta - the union of compassion and wisdom. With bodhicitta, our heart is open to life and knows its true nature. So how do we open our heart? Do we prise it open, coax it, persuade it? Does it somehow open us? How do we avoid being overwhelmed when it does open? What other challenges come up, and how do we meet them? To help catalyse freeing processes within our heart-mind, the talks in this series draw on our treasury of practices - the 4 immeasurables, insight explorations, visualisation, tonglen and other Mind Training methods as well as looking at the fundamental principles that underlie all bodhicitta practice.

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