Sangha Nights in October on zoom

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Beginning 6 October, if all goes well, we plan to open our doors for in-person attendance at Sangha Nights. 

Meanwhile we'll continue to offer a zoom option for as long as there's a need and an interest. Please register below as usual for the zoom link and we'll send it out to you the day of the class. 

Oct 6 - Celebrate our Grand Re-opening! 

Oct 13 to 27: Healing communication - Getting Unstuck

Much of our suffering, according to Buddhism, comes from our attachment to habitual ways of viewing and thinking about our experience. Buddhist teachings and practices can help to point us beyond these old unsatisfying perspectives, to a fresh sense of what’s possible. Since the Dharma was initially communicated verbally we have countless easy to remember Buddhist lists and reminders that offer a helpful hand each time we find ourselves stuck in our ways.  Used wisely they can open our hearts and minds to include a more direct, intimate experience of life and allow a deeper connection with the beauty in ourselves and other people just as we are.  

This year we’ve looked at the potential of several lists, including the 3-fold and 8-fold path and the 4 reminders, and over the next few weeks we’ll talk together about some more. 

Here's a list of lists to give you an idea of the variety:

(See also Uncontrived Mindulness: Ending Suffering through Curiosity and Attention, for a fresh look at the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness - Saturday Oct 16 on zoom)

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