Sangha Nights in April

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World, Wednesdays, 7pm to 9pm

What is the cause of discord and strife? Is it possible to live a life free of stress and anxiety? What the Buddha taught 2500 years ago continues to be relevant to our modern age. Please join us during the month of April to explore some important Teachings of the Buddha from the Pali Canon (a collection of the teachings attributed to the Buddha).

April 3: Prasadachitta

On April 10 we will take a break from this series for a special event:

Kindness,  integration and awakening, with Dayanandi, visiting from Manchester in the UK. Dayanandi is part of the Preceptors College and a founder of Taraloka Retreat Center, among many other things.  

April 17 and 24: Viradhamma

See also Day Retreat April 20: Viradhamma and Danadasa - the Honeyball Sutta: The Root of Conflict and the Cultivation of Peace


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